Custom made alloy accessories

An extremely durable alloy

Alloy is an extremely durable, economical and versatile zinc alloy, also known as Zamak and Zamac. Its main elements are aluminum, magnesium and copper, which combined together in variable percentages guarantee high strength, hardness and ductility. Thanks to these characteristics, it is possible to appreciate the extreme versatility of this alloy which is widely used for the production of various types of metal products and small parts.

Machining accessories in alloy

Alloy in rubber

This process consists of the injection of the fused alloy into a disk-shaped silicone rubber mold, which will be continuously rotated in a centrifuge to allow for the diffusion of the fused alloy within each angle.

Alloy in die casting

A cheaper technique than the previous one, but it allows the production of particularly elaborate metal parts and accessories such as lettering, rivets, plaques, carabiners and other components. It begins with the construction of steel molds, in which the alloy will be injected. The extreme fluidity of the alloy allows precise modeling even in small and articulated molds, filling every cavity and small crevice of the mold, giving rise to an extremely elaborate and complex product.