Custom made wood accessories

A versatile and environmentally friendly material

Wood is a ductile material that allows extreme customization thanks to the different types of machining which allows it to be used for many types of styles and brands. Since it is environmentally friendly, it is particularly suitable for the production of fashion accessories for environmentally-conscious companies.

Wood processing

The processing of wooden accessories is based on workmanship.

We can obtain diametrically opposite styles, creating wooden accessories that can have an ethnic style or antique flavor, all thanks to the many working techniques available.

  • Pantograph

    Pantograph machining is used for the production of particularly elaborate pieces. It is a technique for obtaining curvilinear or friezing shapes.

  • Vertical milling

    The vertical milling technique used for obtaining elaborate decorations with great visual impact. Milling also allows us to obtain smooth smooth edges and profiles.

  • Laser cutting

    Laser cutting wood carving with laser is a recent and versatile technology: it allows carvings or engravings on tiny surfaces, to cut or to decorate an accessory with a nice “fire” effect.

  • Jewelery carving

    Jewelery carving for wood is an extremely ductile material: for this reason, it is possible to carve an accessory simulating the “stone” effect, giving a touch of extreme originality to your creations.

  • Assembly

    You can assemble two different types of wood to create truly unique and unique effects that can surprise your customers.